Academy on the Occasion of Statehood Day of BiH held

November 25, 2017 4:15 PM

In the House of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in Sarajevo last night was held a Ceremonial Academy on the occasion of November 25th the Statehood Day of BiH and the 74th anniversary of ZAVNOBiH, reports agency Anadolija.

Enisa Comic, President of the Assembly of the UABNOR (Association of veterans of the people People’s Liberation & Antifascist War) in Stari Grad Sarajevo, said these ceremonies and programs throughout the country are very important for celebrating the Statehood Day of BiH.

“It is very important to celebrate this day each year so that we do not forget our history because we have got the foundations of statehood and the state of BiH, and that’s why we are trying not to forget it, because some invidividuals in this country are trying to change history. We all know that very well. We know that in this way they want to print a new history, ” said Comic.

She added that it is most important that all citizens of BiH, and especially young generations, keep the heritage of their country.

“In order not to forget, we as the bearers of this heritage should keep the memory of the state, especially the younger generations, because they are the future. Youth has always been the avant-garde of every society and state, and this is our task, because we are part of our country and we do not give anyone else the opportunity to manage it, “ said Comic.
The Ceremonial Academy was organized by the Association of anti-fascists and veterans of NOR Stari Grad Sarajevo.




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