A Factory for the Production of “Juicy“ Juices opened in Kresevo

Juicy factoryThe company Stanic Beverages d.o.o., owner of portfolio of brands of fruit juices and drinks Juicy and TO, and one of leaders on the markets of B&H and Croatia, yesterday ceremonially opened a new factory for the production of juices and drinks in Kresevo.

Value of an investment in new production facilities of Stanic Beverages d.o.o. amounts to 6.1 million EUR, and 70 people are employed in a new factory equipped with Tetra Pak technology, that guarantees the highest standards of product quality, while planned production capacities are 20 million liters annually.

It was emphasized at the opening ceremony that the new factory will be a production center for B&H and all markets in a wider region, while the existing factory in Croatia will focus on covering a demand in Croatia and the planned strengthening of an export to the markets of the countries of European Union.

Otherwise, opening of a new factory is followed by an increase in the sales of a total portfolio of Juicy, as at the market of B&H, as well as at other markets of the region, but also at the new markets where a significant export of products was planned.

As it was emphasized, the first amounts of Juicy juices were exported in the last month to the United Arab Emirates, and the company plans to expand the sales at all markets members of CEFTA, including Albania and Turkey.

The first contract on the export of juices to Turkey should be signed at the beginning of July, and a placement of products to the Turkish market facilitates a contract on the free trade that B&H has with Turkey.

Besides that, company is intensively planning launching of the production of jams and the baby food as well.

At the opening of the factory, they commended with an increase of the sales and market share at the market of B&H and Croatia. In the first five months of 2015, around 90.000 fruit juices Juicy were sold in B&H.

Otherwise, an opening ceremony was attended by Dragan Covic, member of the B&H Presidency, Ivan Todorovic, the President of a Supervisory Board Agrokor, Ivan del Vecho, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in B&H and many other guests from the social life in B&H.


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