97 % of Products from Derventa exported to EU Countries

During the last 10 years, the Municipality of Derventa experienced really fast economic development, mostly thanks to local and foreign investors. According to the official data, a steady growth of numerous registered business entities and entrepreneurs has been recorded during the last three years.

“Today, Derventa has a total of 695 business entities, i.e. 679 micro, small and medium enterprises. In the future period, special focus will be on the development of small and medium enterprises”, as said from the municipal service of Derventa.

Processing industry, which employs around 43 % out of total number of employed workers, dominates within economic branches in Derventa. Production services are conducted in footwear and metal industries, as well as in high technology companies and business entities that are within other production branches (production of plastic mass, wood processing). Trade is also at the very high level, and around 19 % out of total number of employees is working in that branch.

Derventa belongs to the group of municipalities with smallest unemployment rate thanks to the businessmen who are constantly expanding capacities and bringing new partners.

“Municipality has leading position in export on the territory of Doboj region and it participates in that export with 55.44 %, in the export of the RS with 11 %, and in the export of BiH with 3.3 %. The export in 2016 amounted to 336 million BAM, and the export-import coverage amounts to 144 %. We are exporting to 17 countries, but 97 % of export goes to EU countries”, as noted from the municipality service, and they also added that the trend of export is recording a steady growth.

The municipality has stable budget for many years and it is regularly servicing all of its obligations towards budget users.

Moreover, the construction of important objects for protection from floods should be especially noted, with which was significantly reduced the possibility for floods from 2010.


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