50 million BAM to be allocated for new Employment Measures in FBiH

February 17, 2018 12:30 PM

The Federal Employment Bureau will announce two public calls for participation in co-funding programs for employment and self-employment “Start-up 2018” on February 27 and 28.

“We have further refined our employment measures this year, because we have more money on disposition, around 50 million BAM for co-financing, of which 12.7 million from the loan of the World Bank. We planned 40 million from the Program of co-financing the employment for three public calls, i.e. 40 % for the first call, and for the other two 30 % of the funds,” stated Loncar.

“Until now, we had only one financial source, and now we have divided it into three separate ones. One of them is incentive measure “Entrepreneurship for Youth”, the second one is “Entrepreneurship for Women” and the third one is “Entrepreneurship for Everyone”. We planned a total of 6 millions for this measure this year, and last year it was much less,” stated Loncar, and added that they should get better results this year when it comes to the decrease of unemployment.

“We initiated 573 start-ups, 675 people were involved. We also included 3,100 employers,” concluded Helena Loncar.

Head of the Sector for Employment, Omer Korjenic, said that there is a trend of opening up small businesses, which is why the larger funding for this program in 2018 is justified.

He also added that a total of 357,981 unemployed persons were recorded last year, which in comparison to the average of the year of 2016, is decreased by almost 20,000 people, or 5.2 %.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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