47 Users of Gerontology Center in Sarajevo tested positive for Coronavirus

Out of 344 users of this institution, 47 of them are infected with coronavirus and are in the isolation of the Gerontology Center. These are high-risk persons over the age of 65. The situation is currently worrying, they claim from this institution.

”It is very alarming that we keep these people in our rooms because our doctor also says that it is not good for these people to stay in the institution. We have five of them for whom it would be very important to move to hospitals. We called an ambulance, and they said that they were very busy and that they could not come to pick up those patients,” says Melisa Alibasic Hadzic, director of the Gerontology Center Sarajevo.

The ambulance states that they received a call from the Gerontology Center in the afternoon.

“They have two covid-positive patients with a saturation of 73 percent. These are patients who require specialist examination and eventual hospitalization. However, all our teams were at interventions for life-threatening patients, which is also our priority. Objectively, we did not have a vehicle to transport these patients. I said that and asked them to help us and to transport those patients with their transport,” says Rialda Blazević, a specialist in emergency medicine.

”We do not have oxygen, we cannot connect someone to oxygen,” warns Alibasic Hadzic. In addition to a large number of infected people, the Gerontology Center Sarajevo is facing another problem.

Due to the fault, the electricity in one part of this institution was turned off, so at the moment these users do not even have electricity. They appeal that it is necessary for the authorities to get involved as soon as possible.

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