42 Residential Buildings in Bihac are under Water?

After the visit to the flooded area of villages Pokoj and Golubic, the Mayor of Bihac Suhret Fazlic visited the area of the local community of Kulen Vakuf.

Together with the President of the Council of the local community of Kulen Vakuf Alija Dervisevic, he visited the most endangered area of this local community, as well as the facilities of the former Bebitriko.

“When it comes to Kulen Vakuf, Una River was in stagnation last night and it recorded a slight decline. I would like to thank the Council of this local community for a good organization, thanks to which all the locals who found their belongings under the water are taken care of. We also engaged a special team on a boat that will deliver water and food to people in the village of Klis, who are cut off due to water on the road. Of course, bottled water was also given to the people from Kulen Vakuf,” said Mayor Fazlic.

He noted that 42 residential buildings in the area of the city are currently under the water, of which 17 in Kulen Vakuf, 12 in Pokoj, and the rest in the settlements of Vedro Polje, Mali and Veliki Lug, Golubic and Cavkic. Mechanization and staff of PE Water Supply and PUC Komrad were engaged on the work of filling sacks for embankments in the most endangered areas.

The level of Una River is in stagnation and decline, and all the competent services together with the locals of the endangered areas spent the night by monitoring of Una River and its tributaries.

(Source: klix.ba)



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