RS allocates 4.9 million BAM for the flooded Facilities

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Srpska has allocated a total of 4.9 million BAM for flood recovery for businessmen from Banja Luka, Bijeljina and Modrica.

The Steering Committee of the Solidarity Fund for the reconstruction of RS approved the help in the amount of 2 million BAM in Bijeljina in May, 2 million BAM in Banja Luka and 900,000 BAM in Modrica, according to the Public Relations Office of the Government of RS.

The recipients of funds were paid was agreed upon by local communities and business associations.

After the ministry of finance received the lists, the funds for these local communities were paid out on the basis of received lists with individual amounts and beneficiaries.

Currently, statistics for the municipality of Laktasi is being considered and the list of businessmen from Prijedor is expected to be submitted, for whom a total of 2 million BAM was approved by the Steering Committee of the Solidarity Committee.

(Source: Akta.ba)

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