28 Years old Man died after Severe Pneumonia caused by Coronavirus

A patient born in 1992 who tested positive for coronavirus died on Friday at the Clinic for Lung Diseases in Podhrastovi in ​​Sarajevo. The Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo confirmed that the patient was on a respirator due to a severe clinical picture. As a result of coronavirus infection, he had pneumonia, and he died, Avaz news portal reports.

The results of 244 tests processed on Thursday confirmed 37 new cases of coronavirus infection in Sarajevo Canton.

With these results, there are currently 983 people tested positive for coronavirus in Sarajevo Canton, the Sarajevo Canton Public Health Institute stated in a press release.

There are 53 people in hospital in the Isolator of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, two of whom use respirator support when breathing.

On Thursday, the recovery of four people from the infectious disease Covid-19 was recorded, while two people, unfortunately, passed away.

There are currently 1,397 people in self-isolation in Canton Sarajevo.

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