26 Years later, Trebevic Cable Car officially opened!

April 6, 2018 3:00 PM

Exactly 47 years after the liberation of Sarajevo from fascism, the city under Trebevic Mountain started another battle. On that day, the European Community accepted the Republic of BiH, and the flag with lilies was placed in front of the UN building in New York. A total of 11,541 civilians were killed, starved to death and went missing from the beginning of the aggression and the siege of Sarajevo until July 31, 1995, and 1,598 of them were children.

“And when our cable car is working, we sit and drive up to the viewpoint. And when you come to the viewpoint, you enjoy breathing the fresh air, and then you slightly turn around, look down and you can see whole Sarajevo right there in front of you, and then you look at it as you can see the whole meaning of our existence…

“You really love this city…”

“Very much. But there are also those who do not love it, but what can you do. It is not their fault that God did not give them a soul.”

Today, 26 years later, the Trebevic cable car started operating again. Another symbol is returned to the citizens of the city on Miljacka River. Sarajevo is waking up and growing, and this city is writing a history on this fateful date once again. It stands proudly and with defiance. Today is a day when the feelings of pride, happiness, sadness and pain are coming all together… Today is the Day of Sarajevo, a city that is a symbol of love and happiness, but also the resistance to all the fascists who, sooner or later, “broke their teeth” on its gates.

The official opening started with the reveal of the memorial plate dedicated to “Ramo Biber”, which was the wish of both investors and people of Sarajevo. The official marking of the Day of Sarajevo was continued with the opening of the exhibition “Memories (Uspomene)” in Saraci Street and the First street biennial of the graphics “Graphic Spring in Sarajevo (Graficko proljece u Sarajevu)” in front of the City Market.

This year’s April 6th will be marked with the long-awaited opening of the Trebevic cable car, a solemn session of the City Council and numerous other cultural and sporting events that will take place later during the day.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)





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