The 25th Anniversary of Suffering of the Croatian People marked on Kupres

marking KupresThe 25th anniversary of the suffering of Croatian people on Kupres was marked on Monday in the organization of the Municipality of Kupres and associations from the Homeland War.

Marking of the anniversary was started with the laying of flower wreaths in front of the mass grave Ogledala from the World War II, at a memorial on Suho field, on the mass grave on Kupres field, and it was followed by laying of wreaths in front of the Monument for Vukovar defenders.

Wreaths were laid by delegations of veterans’ associations, Croatian political parties, municipal and federal authorities as well as delegations of friend cities of Kupres.

Within commemoration of the suffering of Croats of Kupres, the public debate on the topic “Kupres, 1942 – 1992 – similarities and lessons learned” was held, and Croatian General Zeljko Glasnovic was the speaker.

The day before, on Sunday, the book “Once Upon a Time in Kupres” by author Dinko Pejcinovic was presented in the hall of the Assembly of Herceg-Bosna County in Tomislavgrad.

Besides the author, one of the veterans and victims Mario Bagaric talked about the book that contains the testimonies of participants in the war from April 1992 in Kupres.

Pejcinovic described what happened 25 years ago in Kupres in his book, in details, with special emphasis on the testimony of members of the “student battalion”, to which he belonged.

(Source: FENA)


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