20 million worth Investment planned in Zavidovici?

The owners of the company GMC-Global Metal Construction visited the Mayor of the Municipality Zavidovici, Hasim Mujanovic.

The aim of the visit was finding adequate premises in the area of Zavidovici, where this company started their production for the metal sector.

About 20 million BAM will be necessary for the realization of this project, and the company will employ between 200 and 220 workers at the beginning. The number of employees would be increased in accordance with the increase of their production capacities.

The company GMC exists for several years now, and its headquarters are located in the Municipality of Usora. The purpose of establishing this company was to produce steel constructions, but they focused on other activities over time, such as the installation of automated warehouses.

They achieved positive results in a short period of time, after which they opened other opportunities for business, such as installation of metal constructions, sale and assembling of panels.

GMC Ltd. now has contracts on business cooperation with companies Vem system and Vem montagio from Italy as supplier companies, which provide them a model of delivery of goods with their experience and access, i.e. new and used pallets, metal constructions and panels.

Moreover, the company successfully sells used warehouse systems and metal constructions on both domestic and foreign markets.

There are two other segments of business that are very important, the production of special steel constructions and the sale of warehouse equipment such as archive and console racks, shelves, etc. They are one of the largest suppliers in BiH at the moment.








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