The 1st of March is the Most Important Date in the Recent History of BiH

February 28, 2017 1:15 PM

march 1The former President of the Assembly of the Republic of BiH – Miro Lazovic and representative in the Parliament of BiH Sefik Dzaferovic, yesterday at the conference “The Independence Day of BiH: 25 Years Later” in Sarajevo in the panel entitled “Witnesses and testimonies,” noted that the 1st f March is definitely one of the most important dates in the recent history of BiH.

Lazovic said that 1991 was particularly dramatic for the members of the Parliament of RBiH, when the dramatic speech of Radovan Karadzic took place, which implied the disappearance of the state of BiH and the killing of Bosniaks as a nation.

In those dramatic moments was decided to hold a referendum and if it wasn’t for the referendum, said Lazovic, there would be no BiH today. After that followed international recognition of the European community and the US administration.

“For me, the 1st of March is one of the most important holidays when BiH, after a long time, has become a subject of international law, a sovereign state on the basis of the referendum which had shown a great will of BiH citizens to take the path towards the independence,” said Member of Parliament of BiH, Sefik Dzaferovic.

“The referendum on independence on the 29th of February and 1st of March 1992 was made on the basis of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of BiH, the attitudes of the international community and all relevant bodies, which then monitored the situation in the former Yugoslavia. It is based on democratic practice and standards, international law and international recognition,” said Dzaferovic.



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