Plaque with the Name of Radovan Karadzic removed from the Student Dormitory

The plaque with the name of war criminal Radovan Karadzic was removed from the Student Dormitory in Pale, BN TV reported.

The removal of the plaque came after Karadzic’s daughter said today that the plaque should be removed. According to BN, the plaque put by Milorad Dodik together with Radovan Karadzic’s daughter and wife before the local elections in 2016 was removed by janitors on behalf of the director of the Student House Damjan Skipina, who is also a SNSD councilor in the Pale Municipal Assembly and the City Assembly East Sarajevo, KLix.ba writes.

Sonja Karadzic said today that the plaque should be removed due to “abuse of her father’s name”.

Karadzic said that the memory of him was politicized and that the board should not stand out of spite, if it cannot stand out of respect. Sonja Karadzic’s address on this occasion followed numerous pressures on Milorad Dodik because of this record, including the high representative in BiH Valentin Inzko, who said earlier that he would ask for Dodik to be banned from entering EU countries if the plague is not removed.

Dodik then addressed the UN Security Council, urging Inzko to set a date and time to remove the plaque together. But today the janitors did it for them.

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