Twenty Two Ballot Boxes stolen in Zivinice

The disappearance of 22 ballot boxes that were prepared for the upcoming local elections was recorded in Zivinice yesterday, and the police and the prosecutor are working on the case, it was confirmed for Klix.ba.

Members of the City Election Commission in Zivinice yesterday determined that 22 ballot boxes and 23 lids were missing, of which a total of 160 were in the premises of the Professional Fire Brigade in this city.

Amra Kapidzic, a spokeswoman for the Police Administration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Tuzla Canton, told Klix.ba that the event was reported to the Zivinice Police Station yesterday by the Secretary of the City Election Commission at around 4:40 p.m.

She stated that further measures and actions are being taken by the officers of the Criminal Police Department of the Zivinice Police Administration and the competent prosecutor.

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