Volunteers planted One Thousand White Pine Seedlings on Bjelasnica Mountain

On Saturday, 50 volunteers planted 1,000 white pine seedlings on Bjelasnica mountain as part of the afforestation campaign called “Let’s Do It – a million seedlings in 1 day”.

”With this action, despite the difficult and unusual conditions, we once again want to point out the multiple importance of forests for humans. They give us the oxygen necessary for life! Trees are used as one of the most common raw materials in production. Forests best protect us from landslides, they are home to many animals, and there are many other reasons why we must preserve our forests and try to plant one or more new ones instead of each felled tree,” says the LDI team.

The planting of white pine on Bjelasnica is part of the Eco challenge “Let’s make our country even more beautiful”, which Association of Citizens ”Ruke” is implementing in cooperation with the US Embassy in BiH.

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