Diplomatic Passports handed to the best Basketball Players of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bisera Turkovic presented diplomatic passports to the best basketball players of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Jusuf Nurkic and Dzanan Musa.

In her address, Turkovic pointed out that these are two young and successful athletes who are the best ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world.

”We are proud of their results. They have shown that hard work can make a world result. Today, they play in the strongest league in the world – the NBA and always proudly point out that they come from BiH. They are a role model for many children in BiH who are starting their first sports steps. Therefore, I used only my right to award them diplomatic passports,” said Turkovic.

Jusuf Nurkic, a basketball player for the NBA team Portland Trail Blazers, emphasized that at the beginning of his sports career, he never imagined that the country would show him such an honor.

”When I left the small town of Svojata, I never dreamed that I would get something from the state. But anything is possible, even to get from Svojat to the NBA league. The passport will make my travels much easier and I am grateful to Minister Turkovic for that,” said Nurkic.

Brooklyn Nets NBA basketball player Janan Musa emphasized that this act is a great honor and pride for him.

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