Farmers in BiH exhibited Giant Pumpkins weighing 100 Kilograms each

In the year in which the coronavirus changed a lot, farmers from Ustikolina managed to continue the tradition, exhibiting their products at the 16th event “Healthy food from Ustikolina”. They say the season has been relatively successful, but in the absence of similar events where they have so far managed to sell what they put a lot of effort into and without government support, many will reduce the amount of work they do or stop altogether Avaz news portal reports.

”I make jams, juices, syrups, jams, various sour salads. I live from that. My husband died, so now I cultivate about three dunums of land on my own. How far, how, I do not know. The coronavirus has disturbed us a lot, because we only have this fair. There are no fairs in Gorazde and Sarajevo. Now we neither know what we will do with the goods, nor is there anyone to support us,” says Sadeta Kunovac from Njuhe.

Marijan Kulic from Josanica is not a professional, because after retirement he is engaged in agriculture for his own needs.

However, he says that he could not but exhibit giant pumpkins, which weigh about a hundred kilograms each, at the fair in the neighboring Ustikolina.

The Maric family is engaged in cattle breeding. Although the small farm with five heads has been reduced to two cows, Slavojka has enough milk to make smoked cheese from it, but also the popular torotan cheese that has been made in BiH for generations.

Well-known beekeeper Said Begic says that 2020 is very bad for beekeepers, so he also had to reduce the number of hives.

He has been engaged in beekeeping for 24 years and he did not remember a worse season.

”I calculated that if I sold this jar for 70 instead of 20 marks, I would be at zero. It saved me a little because I had reserves of honey.”

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