Over 666 Million BAM spent for Workers employed in Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as of the end of last year, a total of 22,227 workers were employed, on whose salaries and compensations 666,955,252 BAM were spent. This was stated in the answer of the Council of Ministers of BiH to one of the parliamentary questions of the deputies of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, and what is interesting is that there are 430 fewer workers in BiH institutions compared to the end of 2018, Klix.ba news portal reports.

However, most institutions believe that they have fewer workers than they need, so the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, which answered the parliamentary question in front of the Council of Ministers, says that “there is a need to increase the number of employees in certain sectors due to increased volume of work “.

In this ministry, as of last year, there were 160 workers. Convincingly, most employees are in the Ministry of Defense of BiH, more precisely the Armed Forces of BiH, where there are 9,710 workers, followed by the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH where 2,429 workers work and the Border Police of BiH where, as of last year, there were 2,234 workers.

“Nothing is reasonable in BiH. We have established institutions that no one pays attention to, and it is known that their establishment was a failure and there is no readiness to open that problem. BiH is not yet in the phase of thinking about how to save money on unnecessary institutions and it will be decided, for example, to borrow to meet the needs of the Border Police in order to save us from migrants, rather than to free up part of the funds through rationalization,” Dusanka Majkic, a delegate to the Independent, told Nezavisne Novine.

When it comes to salaries of employees in BiH institutions, last year a total of 666,955,252 BAM was spent, of which 116,325,412 BAM went to compensation alone. As far as compensations are concerned, the most was spent on transportation from and to work, 29.8 million BAM, while compensations for hot meals of employees amounted to 27.2 million BAM. Last year alone, 9.5 million BAM was spent on the basis of fees for the accommodation of officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while 1,813,587 BAM went on the basis of jubilee benefits for stability in work, gifts to children and similar.

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