Selector Dusan Bajevic invited 30 Players for the Upcoming Matches

For the match, which is scheduled at the “Grbavica” stadium in Sarajevo on October 8, and for the duels in the 3rd and 4th rounds of the League of Nations with the Netherlands on October 11th in Zenica, and in Poland three days later in Warsaw, selector Dusan Bajevic invited 30 players.

“We are playing three games in 7 days, which will be very hard, even if no one gets injured or sick, so we decided to invite 30 of them to the preparations,” Bajevic explained.

The selector added: “At this moment, we are most afraid of injuries, because our players will play another game until the gathering. I hope that there is nothing serious with Bicakcic and that he will appear at the roll call next week.

We will only have three days until the meeting with Northern Ireland and we will try to use that time to the best of our ability to prepare and achieve the result we want. ”

The following players have been invited to the matches with Northern Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland: Goalkeepers: Ibrahim Šehić, Asmir Begović, Jasmin Burić, Kenan Pirić. Defense: Ermin Bičakčić, Siniša Saničanin, Ervin Zukanović, Sead Kolašinac, Eldar Ćivić, Anel Ahmedhodžić, Dennis Hadžikadunić, Branimir Cipetić, Darko Todorović, Advan Kadušić. Midfield: Rade Krunić, Stjepan Lončar, Miralem Pjanić, Gojko Cimirot, Amir Hadžiahmetović, Amer Gojak, Deni Milošević, Haris Hajradinović, Benjamin Tatar. Attack: Miroslav Stevanović, Haris Duljević, Edin Džeko, Armin Hodžić, Edin Višća, Elvir Koljić, Smail Prevljak.

The gathering of BiH team is scheduled for October 5 at the Hotel “Terme” in Ilidza.

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