The biggest CNC Machine in Balkans fully designed and produced in Bosnia

After the first CNC machine in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Jelah Polje near Tesanj, another smart device was made, which will be used in the German car industry. This CNC machine, ie a six-axis milling machine, is also the largest that has been produced in the Balkans so far.

The greatest value of this project, however, is that it is entirely the fruit of the Bosnian mind. The six-axis milling machine, ie the CNC machine that was produced in Jelah Polje, is certainly the greatest success of the Bosnian mind so far. This machine has more than a million parts which, to make the success even greater, have been produced in our country during the previous six months.

“There are 4 machines in this machine. We have an alluvial ramp, an access ramp, an exit ramp, milling and an exit ramp “, says Muhamed Husakovic, from Prokasa-Fischer, Tesanj.

“Every 50 seconds, one fully finished piece must come out, with the automatic delivery and output of the piece, so that the operator who works also has an easier job,” points out electrical engineer Enver Duric.

The value of the first six-axle milling machine in Bosnia and Herzegovina is almost two million marks (BAM). Its designers especially point out that it was made for the needs of the German car industry, and that is why it is of great importance for the economic and especially the development of the IT sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This is an indicator that BiH can do a lot with its own forces, its own skills, its own human resources, with cooperation and a complete environment,” emphasizes Hadzib Salkic, an expert in the development of information technologies. The great significance of this project is that its presentation also initiated educational programs for working on CNC machines. Future designers will thus have the opportunity for practical training and obtaining the “IT solution” certificate, which they need if they want to progress, but also improve their knowledge in the information technology sector, BHRT reports.

(Photo: akta)

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