With Adoption of the Revised War Crimes Strategy, BiH met one of the 14 EU Priorities

At today’s extraordinary session, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina will adopt the Revised War Crimes Strategy. This morning, the ministers managed to reach an agreement that in the second vote, which is currently being held, an agreed text will pass that satisfies all parties.

The proposer was the BiH Ministry of Justice. Among other things, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH undertakes to submit data on cases and persons with the previous standard code A within 90 days from the adoption of the State Strategy, the conduct of which was transferred to the entity prosecutor’s offices and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Brcko District of BiH.

It should be noted that the Strategy has been waiting for adoption for two years. Earlier this year, the head of the European Union delegation to BiH, Johann Sattler, warned that without the revised Strategy, there would be no financial support from the EU for BiH through IPA funds.

He made it clear that this issue is of great importance to the European Union, and if no way is found to adopt the Revised Strategy, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be put in a very awkward position. The adoption of the Strategy has met one of the 14 EU priorities that it should meet in order to be able to obtain candidate status, Avaz reports.

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