Bosnia and Herzegovina signs Contract to Procure COVAX

The Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ankica Gudeljevic, on behalf of BiH, after many previously planned activities and obligations, signed an agreement with the Gavi Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines) on the procurement of vaccines for citizens of BiH.

This is the largest undertaking by BiH through the Ministry of Civil Affairs so far. Namely, the Permanent Mission of BiH to the United Nations in Geneva forwarded a joint invitation letter to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina in July, sent by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) and the Coalition for Innovation Preparedness ( CEPI), for the accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Instrument for Global Access to the Vaccine against Disease COVID-19 (COVAX), which will be administered by GAVI, Avaz news portal reports.

The countries acceded to the Covax Instrument by informing the members of the COVAX Instrument and inviting them to sign and submit a letter of interest for access to this instrument, after which the members, including BiH, were provided with a procurement contract and financial obligations.

The contract on procurement of vaccines with GAVI, after the decision of the Presidency of BiH which gave approval for signing the contract, was finally signed on September 18, this year.

This news is as important as it is encouraging for the people of BiH, with this act, Bosnia and Herzegovina has fulfilled all its obligations to GAVI, which were foreseen until the signing of the agreement. By signing the agreement with the Global Vaccine Alliance, Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that it would be among the first countries in the world to receive vaccines against COVID – 19.

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