Until when will Bosnia and Herzegovina pay Former Yugoslavia’s Debts?

By succession agreement, the states of the former Yugoslavia agreed to divide the inheritance into seven groups. But the distribution did not go easily because each of the stakeholders tried to get out of the story as little damaged as possible. The debts mentioned in the information of the Ministry of Finance of BiH, which have not been agreed yet and are distributed, are, among other things, the debts to Libya from the period 1975 and 1981, which refer to credit debts for the Yugoslav oil pipeline and oil imports.

There is also the debt of the former Yugoslavia on the basis of a clearing account with the former Czechoslovakia. When it comes to BiH – the only concrete debt for now is to the law office in Rome, Avaz news portal reports.

The office’s request is based on an alleged agreement with the BiH Embassy in Rome, in connection with representation before Italian courts to protect the property of the former SFRY.

According to this request, in 2004, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH and the Embassy in Rome were asked for a contract and who signed it.  Almost half of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s debt relates to the development of energy, coal and iron, construction of roads and railways.

According to estimates, BiH is expected to repay its debts from the SFRY by 2038.

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