Passengers complain about Confirmation of Tax Payment at Tuzla Airport

Tuzla International Airport recently introduced the payment of a fee for services of two convertible marks. While several passengers express dissatisfaction with content of the confirmation of payment of the fee, the management has an explanation.

A reader of the portal addressed the editorial office, expressing dissatisfaction with the confirmation he received on the basic payment of the fee at the International Airport in Tuzla.

According to his claims, as proof of the fee paid, he received a piece of paper on which the airport tax in the mentioned amount was stated.

The original date was altered with a ballpoint pen, and there is no mark of the Tuzla airport on the mentioned paper, as well as no stamp.

Following this information, contacted the International Airport in Tuzla, from which they explained the entire situation. The director of this company, Esed Mujacic explained that every passenger receives a fiscal bill when paying the tax, referring to the content of the mentioned certificate.

“That photo is malicious. We have a cash register and we issue fiscal invoices for each tax paid at the counter. We also issue a piece of paper stating that the tax has been paid, which the passenger shows when passing the control. In this case, our worker changed the date with a pencil and we solved that part. Everything else was regular, the passenger got the bill and that is the most important thing,” Mujacic said.

Tuzla International Airport is facing a drastic drop in revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new epidemiological situation also imposed the implementation of special measures and the allocation of additional funds, which is why the company’s management reached for the introduction of a two-mark fee.

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