One person killed in a Fight between Migrants in Sarajevo

A fight broke out between migrants in Ilidza in Sarajevo on Monday evening, and according to the first information, one person was seriously injured and died soon after due to severe injuries.

The Operational Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton briefly said that the police officers were on the ground, but that more information would be known later.

At around 7.10 pm in the area of ​​Ilidza, a migrant suffered injuries caused by a sharp object by another unidentified person. Police officers of the Sarajevo Canton Police Directorate and the team of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid, whose doctor stated his death at 7:50 p.m., went to the scene. The duty prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of the Sarajevo Canton was informed about the case, who went to the scene and led the investigation, the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of the Interior announced.

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