Hoteliers and Tourism Workers in BiH continue to suffer heavy Losses because of Coronavirus

Caterers, hoteliers and tourism workers continue to suffer heavy losses due to the coronavirus. And hard times are yet to come. Dismissals are apparently inevitable. A difficult season for local caterers and hoteliers. The service sector found itself in a precarious situation. The hotels have recorded over 90 percent less overnight stays compared to previous years.

Elvir Bolic, the caterer stated that it will be very difficult.

“Now as you can see people want to be outdoors, and that’s how it works. It will be harder in the fall, we will see if there will be an option to lay off workers. There are few buildings that have semi-open gardens, I hope that people from the municipalities will meet. ” Given that the scope of work will be reduced, the dismissal of workers will inevitably be, warn the Horeka Republika Srpska

Association. About 2,000 workers have already lost their jobs. Zlatan Tatic, from Association “HORECA RS”  states thet they haven’t thought about the help of the authorities yet, so far they have enabled work until 12 o’clock, which means a lot, but it would have been better if they had done it at the beginning of August while the season was still going on. Small cafes and restaurants will survive somehow, hotels hard. This is how they describe the current situation in the association of caterers, hoteliers and restaurateurs in our country.

Hospitality and tourism are on their knees, and a difficult period for this industry is yet to come. The Independent Trade Union of Employees in the Hospitality, Tourism and Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina is of the opinion that it is necessary to help those branches of the economy to which measures have been introduced. How to help them?

Mehmed Avdagic, the President of the Independent Trade Union PPDIVUT BiH stated: “An adequate answer to those questions has not been given, and we know how many have lost their jobs. The time we are entering now will be the time of the new flu, so when it merges with this flu, it is to be expected that there will be further layoffs ”. If there is no state aid, it is questionable how the workers employed in catering and tourism will feed their families.

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