New Tensions in Velika Kladusa due to Presence of Great Number of Migrants

Tensions in Velika Kladusa do not stop because of the migrant crisis. In the evening, a great number of members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Una-Sana Canton (MUP USK) intervened again.

The police intervened in the settlement of Purici, and the transport of migrants and refugees to Velika Kladusa was blocked in several directions, Klix.ba news portal reports.

There are also a large number of citizens on the streets who are demanding that space where the bus stops should be cleared. Allegedly, a bus carrying migrants and refugees has already been returned to Bihac.

In the meantime, another bus from the direction of Bihac was stopped in Velika Kladusa, and the migrants were also returned.

Members of the USC MIA are trying to normalize traffic on the route Bihac – Velika Kladusa.

In the video provided to Klix.ba by Ademir Veladzic, it can be seen what happened on Monday evening in this city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the weekend, the residents of Velika Kladusa protested against the presence of a large number of migrants and refugees who were treated inappropriately.

Among other things, they said they did not want to open another reception center in their city. On Sunday, protests were on the verge of escalation when one of the citizens broke a window on a bus and when a road was blocked.

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