Austrian Health Agency: Number of infected with Coronavirus in Balkans is Ten Times Higher

Franz Allerberger, director of the Austrian Health and Food Safety Agency (AGES), made a shocking claim that the number of people infected with coronavirus in the Balkans is in fact up to ten times higher than the official data, writes Heute.

He said that in countries such as Bulgaria and Kosovo, the infection rate reaches 50 percent.

“The population of Wuhan or Ischgl had this value,” the AGES director told the APA Association.

According to the Complexity Science Hub (CSH) in Vienna, just under 10,400 were registered in Bulgaria, 45,000 in Romania, 23,700 in Serbia, more than 10,000 in northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 7,100 in Kosovo, 4,800 in Albania and 2,800 in Montenegro, Radio Sarajevo reports.

The Austrian government recently issued warnings for travel to Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Otherwise, in accordance with the new decision of Austria, BiH citizens residing in Austria can cross the Austrian border with a negative PCR test.

If testing abroad is not possible, a PCR test can also be done in Austria within 48 hours at the expense of the passenger.

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