Facing Big Challenges and Creating New Goals: Selsebil and Nermin


In January this year, BH Futures Foundation launched a unique mentoring program in cooperation with MarketMakersand gave rise to a significant number of mentorship pairs who have created many positive and beautiful stories through their activities, work, and success. One such story comes from Tuzla Canton, where we witness the great success of two young and ambitious people. One of them is a member of our Foundation and a master student of Genetics and Bioengineering, Nermin Đuzić in the role of a mentor, and another is a young, perspective girl Selsebil Hasanbašić, a recent graduate of Behram-begova Medresa in Tuzla, and a former the best student of the generation in primary school, in the role of mentee.

As someone who has just finished her high school, Selsebil found herself at a very important life point and needed support, advice, and help in making important decisions regarding the faculty choice and preparing for the entrance exam. Natural sciences and medicine are the main topic of interest for both Selsebil and Nermin, so it was not difficult for them to find a common word. As someone who has participated in numerous conferences, extracurricular activities and has rich academic experience behind him, Nermin selflessly passed on his knowledge to his mentee.

“At one of our first meetings. I was happy and excited, but I also had in mind that I am about to face a big challenge because I knew that Selsebel is a person with great ambitions, high goals, and huge potential.” – Nermin said.

At the very beginning, Nermin and Selsebil defined some goals they wanted to achieve by working together. Their work was mainly based on instructions in biology, chemistry, and physics as part of preparations for the faculty entrance exam, but also other scientific activities. The mentoring program officially lasts 8 months, and now, after 4 months of constant work, Selsebil has achieved the following results:

Even as a high school student she was a passive participant at her first international scientific conference “Tuzla Brain Week” held in March this year at the Faculty of Medicine in Tuzla. She attended the surgery at the Department of Non-Invasive Cardiology at the University Clinical Center Tuzla, as part of the organization of the above-mentioned conference

She is currently the youngest member of the Organization Board of the biomedical conference “Zenica Days of Medicine”, which is planned to take place in October this year at the Faculty of Medicine in Zenica. She is also a part of the Scientific Research Team, where she prepares a scientific session, which will be a part of the same conference.

Finally, perhaps her most valuable success is the 80% scholarship for studying Genetics and Bioengineering at the International Burch University that she won after the entrance exam and scholarship interview, which proves that Selsebil is among the best-ranged students here and now has the opportunity to study at one of the best private universities in our country.

“I am very satisfied with the mentoring program and everything it offers. I am especially satisfied with my mentor. Thanks to him, I gained a lot of knowledge in chemistry and biology, gained experience at a scientific conference, and attended the surgery at the University Clinical Center in Tuzla. My mentor not only helped me gain knowledge but also helped me raise my self-confidence level and establish good and healthy habits.”- Selsebil points out with satisfaction.


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