Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted Budget for Institutions


At the extraordinary session of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday, the budget of Bosnian institutions for 2020 was adopted.

The budget proposal was sent by the Bosnian Council of Ministers in the middle of the week, and the session was also attended by Zoran Tegeltija, the chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers.

The budget will now be sent to both houses of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly for adoption, Avaz news portal reports.

As Finance Minister Vjekoslav Bevanda said earlier, the budget is awaited in order to resolve acute issues such as the migrant crisis and meet the conditions for joining the European Union.

The budget was also awaited by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH, which warned several times that if the budget is not adopted soon, the elections will not be able to be held on November 15 due to all procedures and obligations that the CEC must perform in preparation for them, and 4.2 million BAM was set aside for the elections.

“The Presidency adopted the budget proposal for this year and sent it to the Parliamentary Assembly for adoption by the urgent procedure. The framework is the same as before, but some changes in the budget structures have been made inside. A total of 40 million BAM has been provided because the costs of capital purchases have been almost halved and travel costs and other items have been reduced “, said Milorad Dodik after the session and added:

“That money will be directed to the program for remediation of the consequences of the coronavirus. This proposal has been submitted, and includes a section on international obligations. The obligations of Republika Srpska are 270 million, less by 27, FBiH has 10 million more than last year.

He said that the Presidency has taken out the item that referred to the capital expenditures of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, where an increase of 754,000 BAM was initially planned, but the Presidency of BiH deleted that item.

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