Viskovic: Republika Srpska rejected Respirators bought by the Federation


There is no affair about respirators in Republika Srpska, said on Wednesday the Prime Minister of this Bosnian entity, Radovan Viskovic, according to Avaz news portal.

“What is under investigation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had those respirators on the table as an offer before the Federation. We didn’t take it in Republika Srpska, and you know why, not because the Prime Minister is smart or one of us is. Mr. Pedja Kovacevic, the head of the Clinic for Intensive Care at the University Clinical Center, gave his consent for all the respirators that RS purchased and paid for,”said Viskovic.

The answer about the quality of the offered respirators imported by the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) through “Serbrena Malina” was not positive.

“And the man said that these machines, as health workers like to call them, are not suitable and are not for the treatment of patients. That is why we did not take them, someone else made a decision and took them, but that is their right,”said Viskovic.

The import of 100 respirators, which were purchased for 10.5 million BAM for the needs of the Federal health system by the company “Srebrena Malina” by Fikret Hodzic, which used to grow raspberries, has shaken the Federation since the media published the details of the procurement.

The investigation was carried out by State Investigation Protection Agency on the order of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and the expertise determined that respirators cannot be used to treat patients with the coronavirus.

(Photo: The Srpska Times)



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