Russia continues to demonstrate its Readiness to aid Bosnia-Herzegovina


Russia continues to demonstrate its readiness to pool efforts with Bosnia-Herzegovina to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian foreign ministry said on Friday.

“We would like to hope that as far as combating the coronavirus infection is concerned while making critically important decisions all the sides and political forces will be guided only by considerations of saving people’s lives. And this goal is unattainable without consolidation of resources,” the ministry said.

“There is no room for dirty geopolitical games here. Russia has repeatedly demonstrated in practice its readiness for joint efforts and stays committed to this principles position in the face of the infection threat that is still in place.”, TASS Russian News Agency reports.

The ministry recalled that in late April Bosnia-Herzegovina had asked Russia for helping it disinfect the premises and provide consultancy at the University Clinic in the city of Mostar.

“It was planned to use the experience of specialized teams of Russian military medics who has been helping Serbia cope with the coronavirus pandemic since April 3 and who performed a similar mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Republika Srpska from April 9 to 23 and who had previously offered assistance to Italy,” the ministry noted.

Russian specialists responded to the cry for help but Bosnian Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic turned down the Russian embassy’s request for the entry of a Russian humanitarian convoy, saying he was not authorized for that as such issues are in the competence of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Presidium.

“Regrettably, these plans have failed to be implemented because of either unpreparedness or lack of coordination in the Bosnian administration as Russian military medics failed to obtain necessary permits. As a result, people in Bosnia-Herzegovina have been left without long-awaited help,” the ministry stressed.


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