BiH to soon legalize Cannabis for Medical Purposes?

Member of the House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Parliamentary Assembly Sasa Magazinovic announced on Monday the launch of an initiative to legalize cannabis for medical purposes.

He said that today in BiH, more than 10,000 citizens use cannabis for medical purposes, and that our country is doing nothing about it, although the World Health Organization recommended that cannabis be legalized for these purposes.

“We want to follow the World Health Organization recommendation, legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes and help thousands of sick people. Of course, it will be a big blow to the black market for which we will just see if it has a political background, or whether it is intentionally stopping the legal use of these drugs in order for someone, like the drug cartels, to make money in someone else’s unhappiness,” wrote Magazinovic.

KanaBiH Association representative Irfan Ribic said it was possible to cure with cannabis oil, since he had multiple sclerosis in 2007 and that cannabis oil helped him a lot in healing, although doctors claimed it would not be so.

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