1,516 Persons Coronavirus Positive in Bosnia and Herzegovina


According to Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs, 1,516 cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the start of the pandemic, of which 624 have recovered.

The number of people tested is 25,830, 8,970 are under observation, and to date, 59 people have died.

To date, 826 persons have been ill in the Federation of BiH entity, 14,485 have been tested and 4,924 are under surveillance. So far, 256 people have recovered, while 32 have died.

In Republika Srpska, to date, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus disease is 671, and 10,965 people have been tested. 3,505 people are under surveillance, 357 have recovered and 25 have died.

There are 19 confirmed cases out of 380 tested in the Brcko District. 541 people are under surveillance, two have died and 11 have recovered from coronaviruses, Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

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