150 Migrants to be transferred to Sarajevo Tomorrow


Nearly 150 migrants will be transferred from the Usivak reception center to the Blazuj barracks tomorrow, where capacities have been expanded, it was confirmed from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to Klix.ba news portal.

These are migrants who were transferred from Vucjak in early December, but there were more in the beginning than could have been provided with accommodation at that moment in Blazuj.

“One number of them went to Usivak and the other to Blazuj. Conditions have now been created to transfer 150 of them to Blazuj. They are ready and have undergone medical examinations,” said Edita Selimbegovic from International Organizaion for Migration.

Most of the problems that were encountered at the very opening of the Blazuj camp have been solved. There are currently 430 migrants staying at Camp Blazuj, but that number will rise to 580 tomorrow.



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