The traditional Sarajevo ProAm Golf Tournament to be held during the Weekend

VF Golf, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The traditional Sarajevo ProAm Golf Tournament will be held on the VF golf terrain located in BiH’s capital Sarajevo. This is one of the best golf tournaments in the region, involving 12 professional golf players and 36 amateur golfers.

When it comes to the competition involving professional players, one of the best golfers in BiH, Dejan Saran, will participate. There will be also the best professional players from Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. The amateur golfers from Croatia, Montenegro as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina will play as well.

ProAm tournaments are famous all around the world, offering a unique opportunity for professional golfers and amateur ones to play together. One of the candidates for the first place is Turkey’s professional golfer Hakan Yamac, last year’s winner of the Sarajevo tournament.

The gathering of participants is scheduled for Friday at the beautiful golf course of the VF Golf Club, and the competition rounds will take place on Friday and Saturday, after which the awards ceremony will be held.

Entry is free for all visitors, but they must respect the rules of golf, among other things one of them is to turn off telephones while on the field or watching the tournament.

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