507th Days of Ajvatovica officially opened

ajvatovica1The ceremonial program, which was held at Musalla in Prusac near city of Donji Vakuf, opened “507th  Days of Ajvatovica”.

The inauguration of the event was opened by the Vice-President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Melika Mahmutbegovic, pointing out that Ajvatovica should be “a journey of spiritual revival and hope, an inspiration for people to do good, to nurture family and friendship, and to preserve the traditional values and unity”.

The central event, he added, will be on July 2, and the end of “Dana Ajvatovica” is planned for July 8th.

Ajvatovica tradition is over 500 years old. Legend says that a prominent scholar from Prusac, Ajvaz Dedo, prayed 40 morning prayers, beseeching Allah to give water to the residents of Prusac.

While praying, Ajvaz Dedo fell asleep and dreamt about the collision of two white rams, and how the rock split from the force of that collision. He woke up next to the split rock where water appeared. In memory of Ajvaz Dedo’s prayer, Muslims from around the world visit Prusac every year.

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