11th B&H Film Festival (BHFF)

bhfilmThe 11th in a row B&H Film Festival (BHFF) will be held in May 2014 in Tribeca cinema in New York. Applications for the festival are open until 1 March 2014.

BHFF is a platform to explore the diversity and experience of the people of B&H, and to honor innovative filmmakers of B&H and Balkan heritage.

BHFF, organized by two nonprofit organizations from New York, Voice of B&H Inc. and the Academy of B&H, gained a reputation as an important platform for the promotion of world-renowned filmmakers, as well as young and new filmmakers. Since its founding in 2003, thousands of people have attended BHFF and watched hundreds of films from B&H.

For the selection of BHFF movies, there will be features, short, documentary and animated films by B&H directors, as well as movies that are thematically tied to B&H. The films that enter the selection for the 11th BHFF will compete for a series of prizes, including the audience award, the gold apple.

The films shown in earlier BHFF festivals received awards at festivals around the world, including major film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival.


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