100 million BAM to be allocated for War Veterans in the next 5 Years?

June 29, 2017 7:00 AM

Fadil Novalić Announcement faktor.baThe Government of the FBiH and representatives of associations and organizations of war veterans signed the Agreement on the level of funds achieved in the budget of the FBiH at the position of the Federal Ministry of issues of veterans and disabled veterans of the defensive-liberation war, which are intended for solving the requests of veteran categories.

This agreement will be valid for the next five years and it is a guarantee that the funds intended for this population will not be decreased or increased during that period. Both sides welcomed this agreement and noted that they worked very hard for a whole year in order to reach this agreement.

President of the Coordination of veterans organizations of the Army of RBiH, Serif Patkovic, stated that this agreement, which was signed after more than 200 meetings, represents the foundation of BH society.

Minister Salko Bukvarevic said that this agreement represents a full support to the progress and development of BiH on its path towards the EU and NATO and that it protects the reputation and rights of our war veterans and their families.

“More than 100 million BAM will be redirected for solving the social status of demobilized soldiers, families of martyrs and killed soldiers and war veterans within the next five years. This agreement was signed by veterans associations that are gathering more than 300,000 veterans and their family members, and I am happy for the full support of the Government of FBiH,” said Minister Bukvarevic.

Minister of Finance of the FBiH Jelka Milicevic said that both signatories of the agreement promised that they would understand the needs of the war veterans on one side and restrictions of the financial support of the Government of FBiH on the other side. The Prime Minister of FBiH Fadil Novalic said that this is the first step towards solving the problems of this population.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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