December 2, 2012 8:31 AM

The drama ” Žaba” ( ”Frog”) based on the text of the young author Dubravko Mihanović from Zagreb, and in the direction by Emir Jelkić will be performed on the 5th and 21st December, at 20:00 p.m. The music for this show was composed by Dino Šukalo. This drama is already known to the audience as a magnificent piece of art, staged and performed in the previous period. The text that was used as the basis for this drama received the ” Marin Držić” award for the best drama text.

The story of the drama talks about the need for active participation in our lives. This participation or presence in life has been portrayed through a more personal and beautifully written relationship between the characters who represent family members and friends in the drama.

The action of this theater piece of art is set in the post-war period, in an environment of a barber shop. The text was written for four characters, where every one of them carries significant consequences of war. All characters described in the story of the drama suffer from PTSD.

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