Young People participated in Peace Camp “For a Good Neighborhood” in Srebrenica

Over the past seven days, the Sara – Srebrenica Association organized gathered 60 young people from 11 municipalities near Srebrenica, as part of the Peace Camp “For a Good Neighborhood”.

The camp was attended by young people from Gornji Vakuf / Uskoplje, Zvornik, Tuzla, Brcko, Kladanj, Vlasenica, Milic, Kalesija, Sekovic, Bratunac and Srebrenica.

Valanetina Gagic of the Sara-Srebrenica Association said the program is diverse and rich.

“The program of the camp is rich, we had various educational and informative workshops, but also sports and entertainment. The most interesting were the motivational speeches, among which was a particularly emotional presentation by Ajna Jusic,” says Gagic.

The main idea of the camp is to socialize and get to know the young people, to expand their friendship and create a safe zone, as well as to strengthen their own potentials so that they can act and initiate positive change in their communities.

“Before the camp in ten municipalities, we conducted a series of volunteer actions initiated by young people from several cities,” Gagic said, adding that this was an opportunity to send more cheerful and positive messages from Srebrenica.

The camp was realized with the support of the US Embassy in BiH, News Agency Patria reports.

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