Young Bosnian launched innovative IT Platforms

Alem Zekic, a young man from Kakanj and a master of electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo, decided to stay in his native town of Kakanj and to show his knowledge and skills by creating new software solutions. They are a high-quality domestic product that can be exported abroad as well.

People of Kakanj see an additional value in the fact that Alem’s company launched socially useful projects that are 100% domestic, from a domestic programming code, a domestic engineer, and a domestic cloud.

He received incentives from the municipality through the project “Start Your Business in Kakanj”, and started IT Company Synergy Soft, and delighted the public with his first software solutions. While procurement of expensive software solutions from abroad became a common phenomenon in BiH, Alem offered a real domestic software solution for an electronic diary in schools and electronic voting at sessions of municipal councils, parliaments, assemblies…

Startup IT company Synergy Soft from Kakanj, was established from the municipal incentive funds, and they are engaged in creating respectable and innovative platforms for management of electronic session and digitization of the pedagogical administration with the conviction that we are able to create our domestic IT platforms that can adequately respond to the requirements of both domestic and foreign markets in order to support business processes and practices in BiH and the EU.

BH Smart School is one of the most important innovations when it comes to the field of education, and it is based on the digitization of the pedagogical administration with the use of Cloud technologies that allow access to the system on the web platform at any time, from any place and any kind of smart device. BH Smart School, with its “eDnevnik” brand, represents an economical smart version of BH platforms for the record of student progress, reports for schools and teachers, and the inclusion of parents with the aim of the support to the educational process.

Development story of Synergy Soft continues with the announcement of new projects – BH VET platform for professional dual education, Time Attendance Platform, BH Smart Ticketing platform for organization and management of ticket sales and many others.

(Source: akta.ba)


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