Yellow Meteo Alert issued for the whole Bosnia

The yellow meteorological alert is on for the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to the low temperatures that are expected, while the orange warning is, for the same reason, in force for the areas of Foča and Višegrad.

Air temperature at 7 o’clock (° C): Bjelasnica -18; Ivan-saddle -11; Tuzla -9; Gradačac, Sarajevo-Bjelave -8; Bugojno -7; Bihać, Sanski Most, Zenica -6; Grude -2; Mostar -1; Neum 0; Atmospheric pressure in Sarajevo is 952 hPa, 11 hPa higher than normal and slightly declining.

Biometeorological conditions will be worse in the first part of the day. A cold and gloomy morning across the country will cause the intensification of problems related to their illnesses in sensitive people. Additional problems will be created by occasional, light snowfall in Herzegovina and Krajina.

The afternoon hours should be more pleasant, with possible sunny periods, it is desirable to spend them outdoors, without overdoing it with activities.

It is necessary to implement measures for protection against low temperatures. Today, mostly cloudy weather with light snow in Herzegovina, southwestern, eastern and southeastern areas of Bosnia will prevail in our country. At the end of the day and in the evening, the clouds will decrease. Wind in Bosnia weak to moderate east and northeast, and in Herzegovina moderate to strong bora. Daily temperature from -6 to -1, in the south to 2 ° C. Mostly cloudy weather in Sarajevo.

Light snow may fall in some parts of the canton. Daily temperature around -4 ° C. Sunny on Sunday in Herzegovina and southwestern Bosnia. In the rest of our country, mostly cloudy weather, with occasional light snow.

In Herzegovina and southwestern Bosnia, a strong bora, and in other areas a weak to moderate north and northeast wind. Morning temperature from -12 to -6, in the south to -1, and daily from -6 to 0, in the south to 5 ° C. Monday mostly clear with frost in the morning. Morning temperature from -9 to -3, in the south to 1, and daily from -3 to 3, in the south from 1 to 6 ° C.

On Tuesday, moderate to mostly cloudy weather. Morning temperature from -7 to -3, in the south to 1, and daily from -1 to 5, in the south from 3 to 8 ° C. Wednesday morning sunny with small to moderate clouds. During the day the clouds rise. Light rain is expected in Bosnia in the evening. In the lowlands it rains, and in the higher areas it snows in the mountains.

Morning temperature from -5 to 0, in the south from -1 to 3, and daily from 0 to 7, in the south to 9 ° C, writes the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute.

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