Yale University: A Teenager from BiH won 14 Medals at the General Knowledge Tournament

December 11, 2017 9:30 AM

In the final general knowledge tournament that was held at New Haven at Yale University, which included 1,100 participants from 50 countries, Hana Galijasevic (18) from Velika Kladusa won incredible 14 medals, i.e. 3 gold and 11 silver medals, which ranked her at the very top of this tournament.

The competition was organized by the World Scholar’s Cup that is based in the United States, and it is aimed to promote non-academic learning and awareness about the world that we live in from all perspectives. The tenth anniversary of this competition was marked this year, and it has grown on a global level.

“The competition covers six to seven fields every year, and permanent fields are arts and music, literature, science and technology, history, social sciences and a specific field. This year, that field was a modern mythology. The competition process is taking place in four phases: an individual test that covers all these fields and it is testing the speed of logical conclusion based on the knowledge of the aforementioned topics and ideas. The test includes 120 questions and you have only 60 minutes for answers. There is also team-based writing on topics that are related to these fields, a team debate, and a team quiz that is based on the principle of marbles (something similar to the Millionaire),” explained Hana.

“Things that I have never even imagined happened to me and I got the opportunity to visit one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I had the opportunity to meet professors, students, deans, as well as to visit the entire campus and schedule visits to the laboratories. This was one of the greatest successes in my life and one of the happiest experiences for me. I cannot describe my gratitude to people who helped me to get to that level,” said Hana.

Hana stated that she likes to know a bit about everything but that she enjoys the most in research and acquiring new knowledge in fields of mathematics, informatics and physics. Natural science combined with technology have always attracted her, and she uses most of her free time to relax by watching some television.

“I spend most of my free time by reading and attending edX courses on the topics that I am interested in. Moreover, I invest a lot of my time on the Association of High School Students in BiH and on improving communication and relationships with my peers from all over the country and the world. However, I have to admit that I like the most to just relax with some good soap opera, when I find some free time, or when I am under a great pressure,” said young Hana.

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