Company that is working for World Giants to move Production from China to BiH

August 15, 2017 10:45 AM

Elzina and Edin Kukavica live in Germany and they have been engaged in the production of tin packaging for 15 years. The production is currently taking place in China where 700 people are working for them, and some of their customers are world giants. However, they decided to transfer part of their production to Maglaj.

A modern production hall was constructed in the last 4 months where tin packaging for the world brands will be produced. The company “ADV PAX Lutec” will employ 30 people and the entire production is intended for export.

Delivery of machinery, training of workers and trial production should start at the end of August.

So far, couple Kukavica invested 1 million BAM in the start of production in this area. Elzina is from Maglaj, namely from Kosova, and Edin is from Krajina. They spent their lives in the city of Detingen, Germany.

“We are producing packaging for candies, spices, and we are leaders in the German market. We received “Deutsche Verpackungs preis” for our sponge packaging in 2011,” said Elzina and Edin.

The packaging is produced in China, after which it is delivered to Germany and distributed to their clients in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom…

Specially designed packaging, whether intended for commercials or packaging of products, is produced for Nestle, Lidl, Aldi, Simens, Haribo, Spar, DHL, as well as Mercedes, Fiat, Porsche, Lufthansa etc.



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