Will it be possible to reach an Agreement with IMF in January?

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, stated that it would not be the first time that an agreement on an arrangement was not reached in the first round of negotiations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Monetary Fund, so he is not optimistic that a final agreement on an extended arrangement worth around 1.5 billion BAM will be reached on January 8, as mentioned earlier.

”There are six open issues, not all of which are related to the Republika Srpska, because there is also one issue that refers to the Government of the Federation of BiH. In my opinion, at this moment, there is no great chance that an agreement on the arrangement with the IMF will be reached on January 8, which has been set as a new deadline,” Tegeltija said at a press conference in Sarajevo yesterday, Biznis Info writes.

He believes that the conditions set by the IMF in certain elements are not in line with some of the goals of this arrangement, and that difficulties were created by negotiations via video link.

He stated that he expected that much more attention in those negotiations would be paid to the fight against the coronavirus. According to him, after agreeing on some key topics, it is to be expected that negotiations with the IMF will continue.

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