Will Dairies and Meat Industries in BiH satisfy the Russian standards? 

September 14, 2016 6:30 PM

mlijekoAfter receiving many objections regarding the packaging and inspection control of the export of fruit and vegetables from BiH, inspectors of the veterinary and phytosanitary office of the Russian Federation started checking almost all factors in the chain of production of meat and milk in BiH yesterday.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović stated that significant number of BiH dairies and meat industries should satisfy the high demands of the Russian inspection.

“Representatives of the Russian federal veterinary office came to BIH on behalf of the practically entire free terrain community of Russia, Kazakhstan, and other countries in the customs union. We have been asking them to come for more than a year. Around 40 companies from BiH applied and Russia corrected the list, leaving 14 companies on it. At least one laboratory will also be controlled, the one at the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo, and one border crossing, most likely Bosanska Gradiška, will also be controlled,” said Šarović.

Šarović held first meetings with the Russian inspectors two days ago. Inspection of BiH companies will last for two weeks and will be supervised by the Veterinary Office of BiH.

“We hope for the best – that our system will be capable of meeting the standards of the Russian party and that our export facilities are able to satisfy Russian conditions regarding capacity and applied standards. We do not know if all dairies and meat industries that have applied will be fit to satisfy the necessary production, but we hope that a significant number of them will,” Šarović said.

After two weeks of inspection, producers of meat and milk from BiH should be notified about whether their products deserve to be placed on the Russian market.

(Source: klix.ba)


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