Will Bosnian Armed Forces be deployed at the Border soon?


Deputy Defense Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirko Okolic said the ministry is awaiting a decision on which sites Bosnian Armed Forces will be deployed and what material resources should be put into operation due to the coronavirus.

“We need a decision on what locations the members of the Armed Forces will be engaged in and what material resources should be put into operation, and we are ready to do so very soon. We will make a request, and according to the announcements we have, the BiH Presidency will approve that request,” said Okolic.

He added that the decision to hire members of the Bosnian Armed Forces due to the coronavirus situation should come very soon.

Presidency Member Milorad Dodik said earlier that he believed that the introduction of quarantine at border crossings was necessary and that the Bosnian Presidency would approve this measure so that members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina would start constructing tent settlements near the border crossings where citizens entering would stay in BiH.

“I urge everyone to take this seriously. We need maximum responsibility and solidarity,” Dodik said at a news conference.



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