Will Bosnia and Herzegovina respond to the Deteriorating of the Epidemiological Situation in Croatia by imposing Reciprocal Measures?


Since the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic, the Republic of Croatia has twice introduced a ban on entry for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The first time in March, and the second time in July, immediately after the parliamentary elections in that country.

During the first ban, no one from BiH could go to Croatia, besides the persons who transited through that country and were engaged in the international transport of goods or specific jobs, Klix.ba news portal reports.

As the epidemiological picture in BiH is improved, and the elections in Croatia are soon to start, official Zagreb dismissed restrictive measures for BiH citizens for a while.

However, when the elections passed and the epidemiological picture in our country got worse, the western neighbors have again put restrictions for the citizens of BiH, but only for those who do not have dual citizenship, ie the Croatian passport. Many people still find this discriminatory.

True, BiH citizens can enter Croatia with the obligatory negative PCR test and paid accommodation reservation, meaning, as it was said, they are of interest to the Croatian economy. It is interesting that with this second decision, BiH citizens who have real estate in Croatia must be placed in 7-day isolation.

However, in recent days, the epidemiological situation in Croatia has been deteriorating day by day. On Friday, 180 cases were registered, and yesterday as many as 208.

The question that arises is whether the authorities in BiH will respond equally to neighbors, and possibly introduce an entry ban for Croatian citizens (residing in the Republic of Croatia) without a negative PCR test or a 14-day self-isolation measure. The virus is present at the neighbors and is spreading quickly, so BiH should respond adequately.

The chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Zoran Tegeltija, thinks that everything depends on the opinion of the health services, while the head of BiH diplomacy says that everything will be discussed later, considering that the Council of Ministers of BiH is on a collective vacation.

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