Who were the most significant Investors in FB&H in 2014?

December 17, 2015 2:30 PM

Investments Information balkans.aljazeera.netThe FB&H Government adopted yesterday the information by the Ministry of Trade of FB&H on direct foreign investments in the FB&H in 2014, prepared on the basis of official data by the Central Bank of B&H.

Out of total direct foreign investments in B&H during past year amounting to 739.5 million BAM, 376.8 million BAM are investments in FB&H.

Namely, 427.7 million BAM of foreign capital based on establishment of societies and changes in their ownership structure were invested in FB&H in 2014 while, at the same time, the decrease in foreign capital amounted to 50.9 million BAM.

The most significant investor countries were Austria with 182.6 million BAM, Croatia with 93.7 million BAM, Luxembourg with 29.5 million BAM, the Netherlands with 29.4 million BAM, Kuwait with 26.8 million BAM, and Saudi Arabia with 17.6 million BAM.

The most significant decreases in capital referred to Germany with 13.9 million BAM, Slovenia with 11.8 million BAM, Italy with 8.6 million BAM, Serbia with 6.1 million BAM, and the United Arab Emirates with 4.1 million BAM.

Activities within which the most foreign investments were registered are real estate business with 167.7 million BAM and financial service activities with 115.9 million BAM.

(Source: nap.ba/ photo aljazeera)


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